Olive Wood Home & Kitchen

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Olive wood dishes, scoops, ladles, spatulas & more! Hello! Happiness

Handcrafted by artisans. Beautiful objects with purpose! 

Small square dish perfect for salt and/or dipping sauce.

Small teaspoon a must for your Fleur de Sel that hasn't ever touched metal! 

Paddle spoon perfect length and strength for scraping & stirring.

Small scoop & ladle (12")...well just so incredible, unique & beautiful!!!

Mortar & pestle: handcrafted, rustic, unique & beautiful:) perfect to hand crush fresh spices such as saffron, caraway, coriander, anise; makes an exquisite gift! outer diameter (4.5"); inner diameter (3.6"); height (4"); depth (3"); pestle length (5")

Hand wash only. Occasionally coat with organic olive oil. Avoid soaking, as well as direct exposure to heat and sunlight.

The symbol of the strength and longevity of the olive wood, derived from a treasured tree of the Mediterranean history, and lifestyle, makes it one of the most prestigious kitchen tools in most European families, especially in Italian kitchens. The olive wood's elegant veined beauty and incomparable grain combine with its natural robustness to create a certain preciousness in each piece.

Originated from the most sustainably managed forest with respect to natural resources. Due to the nature of the handmade process, each piece is unique and may vary in color and measurement. These variations may not be considered damages.

Natural organic wood will continue to darken in color over time because it is even alive when carved; therefore, it does need treatment.