Sustainable & Ethical Crystal Set

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Our favorite sustainable & ethical crystal sets:

Each set comes with a marble heart dish, ethical-origin palo santo stick and path card. Choose from the following sets:

-CHAKRA SET: 1st Root Chakra - Red Jasper (security, survival, solid); 2nd Sacral Chakra - Carnelian (sexuality, passion, creation, vulnerability, relationships); 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow Jasper (positive, light, energy, protection); 4th Heart Chakra - Rose Quartz (love, forgiveness, connection with mind/body/spirit); 5th Throat Chakra - Sodalite or Blue Apatite (self-knowledge, communication, speaking your truth); 6th Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst (intuition, personal wisdom, emotional intelligence); 7th  Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz (connection to our spiritual nature) 

-WEALTH & ABUNDANCE SET: Citrine (opportunity, prosperity, abundance); Aventurine (one of the luckiest crystals especially for manifesting prosperity and wealth); Jade (good luck); Tiger's Eye (power, courage, confidence); Clear Quartz (clarity, highest potential)

-ANGEL SET: Celestite (connectedness with guardian angels); Angelite (helps connect with guardian angels); Clear Quartz (clarity & manifesting); Amethyst (warmth, gratitude and mental clarity)

-CALM & SERENITY: Blue Calcite (soothing and relaxing the emotional body); Amazonite (peace, truth, harmony, communication, gently soothes the nerves); Chrysocolla (peaceful, soothing, loving); Hematite (balanced, calm, centered)  

ALL CRYSTALS SOLD AT TOXYFREE COME FROM SMALL FAMILY-OWNED MINES WHO USE THEIR BUSINESSES IN ETHICAL WAYS TO HELP AND SUPPORT OTHERS IN THEIR COMMUNITIES (JOB CREATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION). (By supporting small, family-owned mines, local economies are stimulated which divests resources away from deforestation and other industries base on exploitation). Each crystal is traditionally-harvested using primarily surface mining methods like pick and axe leaving a minimal footprint while not contributing to environmental destruction by releasing chemicals or toxins that can harm the ecosystem.