Straight-Sided Glass Jars w/Metal Lids

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Glass quickly became a toxin-free replacement for plastic in the kitchen; however, I quickly became overwhelmed with all of the different lids, options, brands, etc. Life really became simplified and over-the-top happy when I decided upon one style and created a system using that one style. 

I've used this style for many years now, and the reasons I love it is because the straight side is easiest to work with and to clean and the simple metal lids are also the simplest and easiest to work with for fermenting and cleaning.

Every so often, one of the jars may break while in the freezer, but the system has produced frozen broth keeping for every day of the year for many years now, so a break here and there has proven insignificant! Hurray!!!

Freeze broth, cream, ice cream & more! Store leftovers, use for travel, or use as a simple vase for flowers.

Toxin-free, plastic-free solutions!