Soil Microbes

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When I started learning about nutrient-dense food, I quickly realized the vital importance of soil. I remember reading that grassfed beef from different sides of Canada will have different levels of selenium because of the soil differences. It makes so much sense after thinking about it but I just didn't ever think about it!

Now that I know, I think about the soil all the time. When growing leafy greens in the backyard I make sure to use organic soil, organic compost and add minerals that will help make nutrient-dense herbs! 

I was so excited to find this innovative product that brings healthy microbes right to you!!!

They are from the top of the Blue Ridge Plateau from pristine soil and water to add to your garden, compost, fields and for your animals.

-probiotics for your soil! 

-beneficial microbes

-easy to use compost accelerator; promotes decomposition 

-easily prepare food scraps for use directly in your soil

-enhances soil health returning nutrients to your garden

-eliminates food waste and release of methane into the environment

Directions: 1. place 1/8 cup microbes in the base of your compost bin   2. fill bin with food scraps, layering 1/8 cup microbes to 2 cups scraps   3. when full, transfer compost bin directly into garden beds, digging 6-12" down, or to 5 gallon bucket to store (layering additional microbes in the bucket)

Table to farm composting!

Thank you for helping build soil health and reducing waste:)