Smudge Stick

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A natural, toxin-free air freshener! Beautiful and purposeful! Highest quality smudge stick! Authentic, aromatic, handcrafted with a blessing, wildcrafted, brother-and-sister-owned small company. Hello! Happiness #lovelovelovelove 

Handmade by Native people of the Americas or by conscientious wildcrafters made with careful attention to the care of the plants they come from, harvested with prayer and respect in a way to insure the continuation of these sacred plant medicines.

"You want to buy high-quality, ethically-cultivated sage...Large commercial vendors aren’t really concerned with buying a high-quality sacred and ceremonial product that has been ethically sourced. Remember, intention and cultivation of this product matter just like buying organic food.” -Vogue

Still learning about smudging? This book helps

DIRECTIONS: find a high quality sage stick; open a window; light the end; let it burn for 20 seconds; gently blow out the flame so you can see orange embers on one end; sage can clear up to 94% of airborne bacteria.

Sage & New Mexico Cedar - cleansing a home or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influence

Sage - purifying, antimicrobial, repels insects, healing, enhances intuition

Sage, Cedar, lavender, white sage, sweetgrass and copal honor (sweetgrass = feminine essence & the earth provides us with everything we need; lavender = invitation of the spirits; copal = tree sap similar to Frankincense with a citrus-like scent, sacred to the native peoples of Mexico, a gift 'pleasing to the gods.') 

Sage, Cedar and lavender make sweet smoke for the invitation of good spirits. These carefully bound smudge sticks can be used during times when a divine presence is needed to answer questions, relieve worries or lift us all in prayer. 


“Many air fresheners contain nerve-deadening chemicals that coat your nasal passages and temporarily block your sense of smell” (National Geographic).

“Some of the most offensive ingredients—volatile organic compounds (VOCs), benzene and formaldehyde—can cause headaches and nausea and aggravate asthma, and have been linked to neurological damage and cancer. Perhaps even more worrisome, though, are dispersants known as phthalates that cause hormonal and reproductive issues, birth defects and developmental disorders. A 2007 review found that 12 out of 14 widely available air fresheners contained phthalates. Some of the air fresheners that tested positive for phthalates were labeled as ‘all-natural’ or ‘unscented.’” (Scientific American)

Phthalates, plasticizers that also have been related to obesity in humans, occur in many PVC items as well as in scented items such as air fresheners, laundry products, and personal care products.” -