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Cleanse, charge and amplify your crystals with this handcrafted selenite charging plate. Selenite is unlike any other crystal as it doesn’t need to be charged. It will cleanse, charge, and amplify all crystals set upon it. Make it easy to charge your everyday crystal jewelry by placing this charging station on your bedside table.

8-10 inch natural sticks of selenite from Morocco.

A Selenite Tower is a powerful cleansing tool to have in your home, office and sacred space, as it will constantly cleanse, clear and protect the energy of your environment. Place 4 selenite towers in your space—one at each corner—to create an energetic shield for a peaceful, safe and protected environment. Small Is Approx 2.5" - 3" Medium is Approx 4" Large is Approx 6-7" Each is about 2.5" circumference