Rose Quartz Facial Tool

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I'm slowly learning about so many ancient healing traditions that use nature instead of chemicals. This rose quartz facial tool is one example. Gua Sha is the ancient tradition of gently pulling a crystal tool along the skin to stimulate all of its layers.

Benefits include:

-clarifying complexion

-decreasing dryness & oiliness by increasing blood circulation

-reducing acne breakouts

-clearing rosacea

-lightening age spots & skin discolorations

-reducing eye & facial puffiness & more!

Includes rose quartz facial tool, How To Facial Gua Sha at Home - Guide for Beginners, & travel bag. 

All crystals are sustainably sourced from small cooperatives.

To clean: use water free from chemicals (natural rain water or sea water would be ideal!). Rinse well and use a bit of PH-balanced soap to rub over the crystal and disinfect. Rinse again and rub dry with a clean cloth.