Ritual Baths
Ritual Baths
Ritual Baths
Ritual Baths

Ritual Baths

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"You already have all the tools you need to be your own healer. Crystals, herbs, and even your bathtub are only external reminders of the consciousness you are putting into the work you do." -from Ritual Baths

Rediscover bathing as a sacred way to cleanse your spirit, recharge your energy, strengthen your boundaries, channel your creativity, and heal your pain. Blending ancient medicine and modern self-care techniques, teacher, healer, and friend Deborah Hanekamp will show you the tools she uses in her Medicine Reading Ceremonies to help you get in touch with your own inner healing resources. Bath recipes in the book include:

Awareness Wolf Bath

Empath Bath

I Am Nature Bath

Be My Own Healer Bath

Love of My Life Bath

Ally Bath

Healthy Boundaries Bath

Warrior Bath

Find My Purpose Gath

Gut Bath

Confidence Bath