Recycled Handblown Glass Dome

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I remember reading about the harmful effects of plastic water bottles, both the harm for humans who drink water that has been stored in plastic and also the harm to the earth from the remaining plastic waste. I was certain I did not want to drink or eat from plastic, so I started using glass. Wow! What a transformation! Not only does it feel fabulous to take responsibility for my health, but the freedom from going to the store, buying plastic-bottled drinks and plastic-container food, hauling all the products back home, storing all the products, consuming all the products and finally having to discard (recycle) all the products every day, every week, every year is quite a production! Now life is one and done! #soeasy #sohappy

Handblown recycled glass dome.

-7.75" x 7"

-made in Guatemala

-made by a cooperative formed in 1976 by 17 artisans who reopened a former glass factory in Cantel, Guatemala

-artisans crush and then melt down broken discarded glass and hand blow the molten fragments into fresh recycled pieces

-artisans protect and renew their environment

-artisans revitalize their community with living wages, insurance, and skills that serve beyond the cooperative