Ethical and Natural Purple Crystals

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ToxyFree pledges to only supply crystals that are proven to put the people and the environment first before profits. We strive for the deepest commitment to ecological preservation and fair trade. ToxyFree will not carry anything that has documented environmental and social harms. While some crystals are in demand, carrying them would go against this mission. We will not carry endangered minerals and encourage others to not create demand by keeping them in the Earth. Our supplier specializes in ethical sourcing and being an educational resource and guide for consumers. Consumers have the purchasing power to demand change in the crystal extraction industry to ensure fair wages, the highest level of safety, and responsible mining.

ALL CRYSTALS SOLD AT TOXYFREE COME FROM SMALL FAMILY-OWNED MINES WHO USE THEIR BUSINESSES IN ETHICAL WAYS TO HELP AND SUPPORT OTHERS IN THEIR COMMUNITIES (JOB CREATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION). (By supporting small, family-owned mines, local economies are stimulated which divests resources away from deforestation and other industries base on exploitation). Each crystal is traditionally-harvested using primarily surface mining methods like pick and axe leaving a minimal footprint while not contributing to environmental destruction by releasing chemicals or toxins that can harm the ecosystem. 

I recently learned about amethyst helping with sleep and was so inspired! Behzad and I decided to invest in amethyst crystal standing geodes for each side of our bed! Their radiating beauty is inspiring decor and they are the closest objects to us as we sleep. I didn't think our masterpiece sleeping area could improve but it did! Hello! Health and Happiness:)

-Polished amethyst geode AA grade Uruguay 3-4" (approximately .74 lbs) $55

AMETHYST: enhancing the immune system

  • improving endocrine function
  • improving the skin’s appearance
  • promoting digestive health
  • reducing headaches
  • regulating hormones
  • promote serenity and calm 
  • help reduce your anxiety and perceptions of pain
  • fight addiction, addictive or negative patterns
  • placed in your home will absorb negative energy and create an air of tranquility in the space.

Amethyst: contentment, positivity, relaxation, intuitions, protection. The high priest of Israel wore Amethyst in his breastplate. Ancient Greeks and Romans drank from Amethyst-studded goblets as a talisman against overindulgence and addiction.

Crystals contain a variety of mineral-enhancing sleep soothers within them and help you breathe a little more deeply, tapping into the inner peace you need to give your brain a much-needed rest. Placing crystals on a gemstone plate is a way to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in a bedroom and encourage a deep, restful sleep. -Crystal Muse

Amethyst is one of the most relaxing stones and its positivity is a natural enemy to the negativity that causes bad dreams. -Crystal Muse

Amethyst is believed to get its purple hue from inclusions of iron and aluminum, although how this quartz's color is created remains a bit of a scientific mystery. It is helpful for insomnia and nightmares. -Crystals