Plastic-Free Shaving

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Learning about nutrient-dense food and wanting to protect the hard-to-find nutrients, I rethought everything plastic in my life in order to avoid toxins. I had been purchasing many plastic items because of availability and habit. I had also not thought about it; those items had always been the "necessary" items for living. When I started looking for alternatives, I realized the real-materials items were beautiful, natural, durable, useful, long-lasting and plastic/toxin free! What a delightful surprise!!! The stainless steel razor & blades I purchased many years ago continue to do the job and are displayed as beautiful decor! Hello! Happiness:)



-made in Canada

Blades: box contains 4 x 5-pack; pack contains 5 blades; 1 blade lasts between 4-8 shaves (1 box with 4 5-packs is approximately a 4 month shaving supply). Made of pure Swedish Stainless Steel