Plastic-Free Phone Protectors (Made from Plants & Compostable)

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Exchange your plastic phone protectors for these earth-friendly, compostable (and cute!) protectors, and we will send your plastic ones back to the company for recycling!

From the makers: Did you know 1.5 Billion (that's with a B) phone cases are thrown away every year? With the average person only keeping their cell phones for 18-24 months, there was a need to create consumer products that didn't last hundreds or thousands of years. We are the makers of the world's first 100% compostable phone case. We are on a mission to " create a waste-free future" and remove one billion pounds of plastic from ever entering our oceans or waste streams before 2028. We combine stylish cases that actually protect your devices with a graceful end of life. We have seen over 500,000 people choose our cases and those people are part of our very large and loud community who believe fully in what we are trying to achieve. At the very least if our cases inspire someone to do something great for the world or great for the environment we have already won.