Plastic-Free Dry Erase Wax Pencil

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Working as a teacher, I knew I would need dry erase markers while teaching in certain classrooms. I was so excited to find these wood pencils that work on dry erase boards, glass, and more! And adding water makes them work like watercolor pencils. #genius

The dry erase board and glass surfaces take a little more muscle power while cleaning with water and a towel but being plastic free/toxin free makes it well worth it!!! MIRACLE!

I was a little apprehensive about how they would compare to dry erase markers for legibility and working quickly on the spot; everything worked perfectly! Happy students! Happy teacher! All without toxic smells and plastic waste:) #sograteful #sohappy

-coloring pencil, watercolor pencil and wax crayon all in one!

-soft, rich color application

-wood from sustained forest culture

-long lasting (one pencil contains the color of eight pencils!)

-can be used on many surfaces including dry erase boards and glass

-used by both children and adults

-suitable for nearly all painting techniques

-break-proof lead (10mm diameter)