Plant-Dyed Organic Linen Top

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Sustainably dyed with plants, including organic walnuts and madder roots, this organic linen tee is safe for your skin and good for the Earth.

Ethically designed, dyed and manufactured in Los Angeles.

Free of petroleum. Made with GOTS certified organic linen fabric, organic cotton thread and organic cotton labels, and dyed with madder root.

Perfect for wearing year-round (looks great with a cardigan in the fall).

A small is 25" long and 34" at the bust unstretched.

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle using a mild pH-neutral detergent and without fabric softeners. To keep this natural linen jersey tee looking its best, hang dry or tumble dry on low until damp and then lay flat to dry.

From the maker:

Unlike industry-standard petroleum-based dyes, this shirt is dyed with walnut hulls and madder root.

Walnut hulls are a great source of natural tan dye, plus, it is an eco-friendly way to reuse hulls which are food waste.

Madder root is one of the oldest natural dyes, known for its ability to make beautiful reds. It has been safely used for thousands of years, since at least ancient Egypt (cloth dyed with it has even been found alongside the possessions of King Tut).

Made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, and thread - the highest standard in organic. Every single step of in the creation of this shirt, from the growing of the cotton, to making the shirt, is ecofriendly.

Also, plant dyes do not produce toxic run-off like conventional (and other organic dyes) and plant dyes remove carbon from the air during the plants' growth, helping reverse the cause of global climate change.

Health Benefits: Using plant dyes instead of toxic synthetic dyes reduces harmful chemicals on your skin. In fact, many of the plants used to make these include beneficial chemicals, like antioxidants and vitamins good for your skin.

Sustainability: By using plants for dyes, the clothing actually removes more carbon from the air than manufacturing makes, meaning the clothing has a negative carbon footprint.

Did you know studies prove you absorb chemicals and pesticides laced within the fibers of your clothes… right into your skin? Made from organic fibers and holistic, natural dyeing techniques - our styles are a welcome relief for anyone looking to heal and soothe skin concerns, or simply be more proactive about their health. We make considerate, conscious clothing, that loves you back.

We take sustainability seriously. Everything from the fibers in our clothing, thread, dyes, and even tags are 100% eco-friendly with the environment in mind. We revived time-honored techniques that utilize plants as dyes. We aim to go beyond trying to shrink our environmental impact, our goal is to erase it entirely. A healthier closet awaits you: We believe in good health over impulsive trends. Our advice? Consider every purchase, buy smart. We passionately believe there should be nothing in your closet that is harmful to you, your family, or the environment.

All of our clothing is completely natural, from organic fibers that make up the thread and fabric, to the natural plant dyes that color our clothes. We carefully focus on every detail to make sure that the only things that touch your skin are purely from nature.

Our cotton is 100% organic, from the fabric, to the labels, to the thread used to sew it all together.  That means that every step, from the growing of the cotton, to the processing of the cotton into fabric and thread, is free of pesticides, harmful chlorine bleaches and other toxic chemicals.

Just like our cotton, our linen is 100% natural and organic.  Natural linen is made from flax plants, the same plant super nutrient-packed flaxseeds come from. 

We believe that the clothing you put on your body should be as good for you as the food you put in it. That's why, instead of using petroleum-based dyes used on conventional clothing (and even used on other certified organic clothing), we use natural dyes.