Plant-Dyed Organic Cotton Yarn

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Plant-dyed organic cotton yarn made by an expert dyer artisan who learned from his parents and improved the techniques making them his own and uses an infinity of plants that come from the highlands of Peru. Hello! Health and Happiness

yellow comes from Retama

green comes from Yerba Santa 

the browns come from Nogal

blue comes from Chilca and Salvia

purple and red comes from cochineal

orange comes from Jarato (although that plant is only found close to the jungle)

By supporting organic agriculture your purchase makes a difference:

-restoring the planet and protecting all living creatures including humans

-preserving ancestral techniques

-every 50 grams of organic cotton keeps 6 square feet of land free of toxins and synthetic pesticides

-supports biodiversity in the soil and for pollinators including bees

-cleaner crops, water, air for all to be healthier and happier!