Plant-Dyed Organic Cotton Blanket with Tassels

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When I learned that skin is my largest organ and it is not only what I eat but also what I touch and wear, the search for toxin-free, natural clothing & textiles began! Wow! What a journey. I quickly learned that organic fabrics which are plant-dyed for clothes, bedding or blankets are almost impossible to find! When I do find something, I've learned to buy several because it may not be available again in the future. We already have two of these blankets with the latest color a soon-to-be third:)

Purple plant-dyed organic cotton blanket. Our new favorite!!! This is the BEST color (deep, rich eggplant hue) and it is not something the artisans plan to recreate! It's a one-time color! So sad for us but lucky for a few! Hurry:)

Now available: New color!!! Equally gorgeous! Luscious golds. As always: one-of-a-kind colorings; limited supplies.

-contrasting hand embroidery detail

-printed by hand using a carved wooden block

-natural dyes (bath of flowers, fruit skins, and/or spices) 

-54" x 72"

-large contrast tassels on short ends

-handwoven organic cotton fiber

-organic cotton grown by farmers in a dry, solely rain-fed region, without the use of chemicals

-traditionally made by skilled artisans

-woman-owned company encouraging conscious living

SLOW CLOTH:  includes the farmer, the weaver, the printer and dyer. Thank you for supporting this traditional craft:)

Directions: machine wash gentle cycle & cold water. Dry flat. Iron if necessary. To avoid clumping of the tassels with intense wash cycles please hand wash.