Plant-Dyed Organic Cotton Apron

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Behzad and I both use these to protect our precious and minimal amounts of natural clothing. Not only are they 100% organic cotton but the deep, rich colors come from natural plant dyes. A rare combination! It wasn't too difficult to find organic cotton aprons, but they quickly became "decorated" with our cooking journey! These dark, plant-dyed colors hide all of those decorations:)

Hand printed with a wooden block and colored in a vat of natural dyes, such as flowers, leaves, and minerals on organic cotton.

*handwoven organic cotton on a handloom 

*dyed using natural plant dyes

*use in the garden too!

*makes a great gift for yourself and others:)

One size fits all. 

Handcrafted fabric in India. Sewn in USA.

Instructions: Hand or machine wash separately, gentle cycle, cold. Dry flat.