Organic Wool Slipper Socks

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Prepare for the ultimate foot joy! Organic wool miracles that massage and keep the perfect temperature for your feet! Heavenly, divine, miracle!!!! Your feet will beg for more! Sorry and not sorry:) #loveyou!!!!

Hand knitted felt

100% organic Icelandic sheep wool

Superior Comfort Natural Warmth and Cozy

Flexible and Non- Restrictive

Breathable, Odor Resistant and Thermo-regulating

Travel Size and Light for trips away

Sustainable Production: natural, biodegradable raw materials.

Local, premium, pure wool 

Socially Responsible: local passionate knitters that seek to improve their benefits and welfare.

Committed to Zero Impact Packaging

Made in Iceland.

Indoor use only. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL Hand wash. Slipper socks slip on easier after first use.

Not formal shoes or slippers but soft sole socks that have adaptive size. The tables can be used as an indication of which size to choose.

US Women                               US Men

S 5-6.5                                       -----

M 7-8.5                                     M 6-7

L 9-9.5                                      L 7-8

XL 10-10.5                                XL 8.5-10

XXL 11-12                                 XXL 10.5-12

From the company: "We understand that we have no choice anymore, our planet and people are suffering and the fashion industry needs to act and adopt more sustainable and ethicals practices to restore the world’s equilibrium. We are part of a new generation of brands making a difference, bringing environmental and social sustainability to luxury home-wear. Wool home socks are inspired by the traditional « Ullarsokkar » ; unique warm Icelandic woollen socks which have been worn for centuries in Iceland with boots. We offer a New Style of Sustainable Luxury Home Socks in travel size, designed and produced in Iceland, home socks with superior comfort, natural warmth, breathable and odour resistant and thermo-regulating. using only local natural material wool to craft the socks and teaming up with local passionated knitters that we seek to improve their benefits and welfare.

All our wool slipper socks are hand knitted using natural Icelandic wool. All Icelandic sheep's walk wild across Iceland during most of the year except during the heavy winter months they are kept inside. We in Iceland have a lot of respect for our sheep's. Our products are as organic as its get without being certified Organic."