Organic Wool Baby Blanket (Made in Minnesota)

Organic Wool Baby Blanket (Made in Minnesota)

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The real deal!!!
From the company:

This herringbone wool blanket is custom woven with our farm wool. A lot of personal touch and caring artisans have created these blankets, from the farms in Indiana, to the spinners in Minnesota, to the weaver and finisher in Massachusetts and finally to our sewing room in Minnesota. Everyone who touched this wool said how beautiful it was and what good quality it boasted. By purchasing a blanket, you will not only be purchasing consciously raised wool and supporting quite a few small businesses, you will be enjoying an heirloom wool blanket worth showing off.

A wool blanket is the perfect medium warmth between a sheet and a wool comforter. The fabric is flexible and not as physically heavy as a cotton blanket, though it is comfortably warmer.

This wool is untreated wool. Hand wash with a gentle soap and lukewarm water. See Care Tab for more details.

Crib: 51″ x 36″
There is 10 ounces of wool per square yard of blanket.