Organic Rose Hydrosol (Small Family Farm)

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Learning about nutrition led to learning about skin (the largest organ) and what touches my skin is as important as what I eat! One secret skin nourishing routine I learned about while researching health is rosewater; it has been used for centuries as medicine, perfume, food flavoring, an aphrodisiac and skin care! Luckily I found a small organic family farm in California who gently steam the organic rose petals they grow to make this rose hydrosol. I use it daily on my face, skin, and hair as a luxurious scent and skin food. Hello! Health and Happiness 

-handcrafted in small batches

-each distillation is unique just as no two flowers are alike

-no synthetics or adulterants

-certified organic

-uses include: aromatherapy, skincare moisturizer/toner/natural makeup remover/anti-wrinkling agent