Organic Cotton Tote

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One of the most significant changes of taking responsibility for my health by eating nutrient-dense food and creating a toxin-free home is having a new system of living. Since I purchase the majority of my food directly from farmers, I have added freezers in my garage and herb gardens in the yard. It feels like I am hunting and gathering or grocery shopping right at home! It is fabulous and so freeing. I have learned that having many reusable bags stashed strategically in the garage, in the freezer, or in the car saves me from making several trips back and forth when gathering food. It also saves me from having to use single-use bags when I visit the farmer's market or food cooperative. Hello! Happiness:) 

Not only are these tote bags reusable but they are GOTS-certified organic cotton and have wide straps for fast & easy maneuvering. They also have a wide flat bottom like a paper grocery bag with side sleeves and extra stitching for strength and durability. They are strong but can still be stored small in market baskets or car door storage pockets.

I LOVE THESE BAGS!!! I've tried several styles of organic cotton reusable totes and this is by far one of my favorites.

-Large size identical to a paper bag (14.5" x 13" x 8")

-Six interior sleeves 

-Extra wide handles (1.5" x 24")

-Double stitched top hem

-Piping stitching on exterior edges

-X stitched handles

Biodegradable. Reusable. Collapsable for adding to reusable shopping baskets