Jade Face Mask

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Let this mask enhance your self care practice by unwinding your mind while soothing and relaxing your skin and facial muscles. Known for its calming and healing properties, Jade slows the process of cell aging and helps detoxify the lymphatic system. Jade is naturally cool to the touch. Add this to the mask's particular heaviness and you’ll feel all the tensions falling away while closing your pores and reducing puffiness and inflammation. It’s also great during meditation & over a sheet mask!

From the makers: The Jade used in our Jade mask is called Xiuyan Jade, because of its abundance in the Xiuyan area of Anshan. Western gemologists often say that Xiuyan is not "real" Jade, but the Chinese have used this form of Jade for centuries, because it's abundant and easy to carve, making it accessible. All our crystals are sustainably sourced, and we work with small cooperatives.

Use water free from chemicals (natural rain water or sea water would be ideal!). You can simply rinse well with warm water and use a bit of PH balanced soap to rub over the crystal and disinfect.

Finish by rinsing again with warm water and rub dry with a clean cloth and you're done!