Heirloom Flower Press

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After learning how difficult it is to find chemical-free flowers, I decided to grow them myself! Not so easy! Then came finding organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds and organic soil and organic compost and and and...sheesh!!! The flowers I do grow are worthy of an heirloom flower press:)

6 x 8 with brass hardware


1. gather herbs, flowers, or fronds

2. carefully place each collected specimen on its own piece of cardboard without overlap or extending off of the page

3. stack cardboard pages neatly covering all specimens completely

4. place the stack between the two wood pieces

5. tighten the wingnuts and place the press in a dry place for up to 3-6 weeks

6. once specimens are fully pressed and dried, place in a journal, frame or artwork

Please gather specimens respectfully and responsibly.