Hanging Basket (thin)

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We have the large basket filled with ToxyFree's dried lavender bouquet hanging from ToxyFree's organic cotton hammock chair in our main living area!!! Not only is it beautiful, calming and inspiring but it offers a natural aromatherapy to our apartment:)

Ethically handmade using traditional craft techniques. Great for hanging dried stems & sticks. Handmade with care by skilled artisans in Morocco. 

Natural materials straw hanging plant basket.


-natural palm leaves

-locally sourced materials

-made by artisans in Morocco

-baskets are designed to age beautifully with time and use

-ethically produced

-sustainable and eco-friendly

-alternative to plastic bags

DIRECTIONS: if basket becomes mis-shapen, dampen the palm leaf with a spray bottle or wet cloth, reshape and leave to dry slowly and naturally away from direct heat

large: 13" x 6"

medium: 11" x 4"

mini: 5" x 4"

Your purchase helps support highly skilled basket weavers in Morocco and to ensure that these traditional techniques continue to flourish.