Wood Statement Bowl

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I remember purchasing bowl after bowl after bowl based on cute colors or patterns. When I realized how important it is for my health to choose natural materials for my belongings, I began investing in a few long-lasting pieces. I found glass, wood, clay and stone. These handmade Amazonian hardwood bowls dramatically improve health and the beauty of our space. They can hold vast amounts of food for storage, for display and for serving! What a masterpiece!

The statement bowl: this gigantic masterpiece will transform your space into a gallery for nature. The perfect heirloom gift for a new home or apartment.

-hand carved from a single piece of Amazonian hardwood

-one-of-a-kind work of art from the hundreds of careful chisel strokes

-made by skilled artisans of a nonprofit organization based in Peru

-wood sourced sustainably from managed forests in the Amazon

-wood comes from forests evaluated for compliance with local laws, respect for indigenous peoples, and the safety and rights of forest workers

-the non­profit organization connects artisans with international markets

-provides sustainable incomes

-works to preserve the abundant biodiversity found in the communities

-made in Peru

-maintain with food safe oil

Through carefully hand­ carved wooden serving bowls, artisans provide a beautiful table setting while protecting the Amazon Rainforest for future generations.

HEIRLOOM MASSIVE SHALLOW BOWL (24"): Just like heirloom pieces passed down for many generations, this bowl also preserves the rain forest for generations.

-made by indigenous Yanesha artisans from the heart of the Amazon in Peru

-working with a non-profit organization to sustainably harvest from managed forests that have long been their home

-traditional logging clears whole sections of the rain forest but this organization partners with indigenous communities to earn money from their trees while preserving the forest for generations

-preserves the abundant biodiversity and natural beauty of Amazonian communities

-supports families with fair wages

-crafters hike into the forest to reduce damage by clearing roads, and they select three trees from a section of forest, not to return again for over 30 years

-the forest quickly sends up volunteer trees regenerating