Vegetable-Tanned Leather Hands-Free Dog Leash with Poo Bag

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Walking the dog (or dogs!) has been a daily activity for several years, so I started looking for natural dog leashes. For many years, I made my own out of organic hemp rope and slipped it around my boxer, Aphrodite, when we went walking! Within the past few years I discovered a handmade vegetable-tanned leather crossbody leash that allows me to walk handsfree and even has a poo bag attachment! I use this every day and have since purchased another one for the new puppy! It wears into soft, dark leather "reins" similar to a well-worn horse bridle and reins. It provides such a streamlined easy system. I always hang it by the door, keep the dog harness attached, and the dogs are ready within minutes to go outside! Hello! Happiness:) 

A transforming (and toxin-free!) product to make life easy, convenient, safe & fun!  Reduce your daily exposures to toxins by replacing your ordinary dog leash for this natural, real-materials version. The attached poo bag makes this a genius solution for getting going in a hurry; everything you need for getting out the door is in one convenient invention! 

Adjustable brass hooks for different size humans and pets. Wear the leash like a crossbody bag and WALLAH! HANDS-FREE HEAVEN:)