Handmade Raffia Collection

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Traditional crochet and weaving from all-natural, sustainably-sourced fibers from the raffia tree. 

Raffia palms grow in the middle of the rainforest and actually need to be harvested regularly to allow other fauna and flora to grow. The palm has a short trunk and leaves that may be up to 18m long! Nearly 100 smaller leaves which are cut and torn off in parallel lines compose each of these branches. The fibers harvested from these trees are traditionally woven into baskets and hats. 

Biodegradable. Traditionally & beautifully made in Madagascar. Undyed or naturally tea stained.

Care instructions: keep your item dry - stain treatment - blot the stain with warm or tepid water and dry.

XL Bag (handwoven 3-5 days; treble crochet & cross stitched; 16.5" x 13" x 15"; 28 oz)

Shoulder Bag (handwoven 1 day; chain stitch; 22" x 14" x 6"; 19 oz)

Hand Bag (18.5" x 13" x 14"; 14.3 oz)

Simple Shopper (handwoven 1 day; macrame; 16" x 11" x 11"; 3.5 oz)

Shopper with Bottom (handwoven 1 day; woven; 13" x 13" x 12"; 4.8 oz)

Hat (handwoven 3 days; double crochet; 10.6 oz)

Hanging Baskets (Handwoven 2.5 days; double crochet; 8" x 5.5" x 8"; 10.6 oz)