Organic Wool Stuffed Animals

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As I transitioned to natural clothing & bedding, I quickly discovered the magic of organic wool! Temperature regulating, massaging, beautiful! Hello! Happiness

This natural material also makes the most adorable & safe stuffed animals! These stuffed animals are handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal helping the women artisans improve their standard of living. Part of the importer's profits go toward paying full school tuition for 3 of the artisans' children.

-Fair Trade

-100% organic wool

-no chemicals used during production

-each spine is hand rolled and sewed on by hand

-handmade in Kathmandu Nepal

-socially-responsible sourcing

Your purchase helps educate Nepalese children. The company sponsors full school tuition for several of the artisans' children each year. Your purchase helps pay for this program. The literacy rate in Nepal has increased greatly in the last twenty years due in part to improved opportunities for women working in the handicraft industry. As women are able to contribute to household income, children are afforded an education and increased opportunities.