Wood Shelves

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Display nature! Create instant visual interest while solving storage issues with these handmade triangle and rectangle shelves. Your smallest belongings will look like art in a gallery on these beauties! Collage a wall and enjoy.

Can stand on its own or hang on the wall. Hand-selected untreated cedar. Handmade in Hudson, Wisconsin.

TRIANGLE SHELF: Width: 12” | Height: 12.5” | Depth: 2.5”
- 2 Main Shelves: 3.5" wide x 2-1/4" Tall x 2-1/2" Deep
- 2 Inner Triangles: Bottom Triangle: 4-3/4" Wide (at base) x 5" (to peak) x 2-1/2" Deep | Top Triangle: 3.5" (at base) x 4" (to peak) x 2-1/2" Deep