Green Housekeeping

Green Housekeeping

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In this life-changing book, Christina Strutt goes beyond, recycling, reusing, and shopping at farmers markets by introducing some simple readjustments without the self-sacrifice like chemical-free solutions to cleaning a house with, "nothing more than lemons, baking soda, vinegar, and plain water."

In Green Housekeeping, Christina combines old-fashioned methods with newer ideas and innovations which apply not only for cleaning, but also to caring for clothes, furniture, and even silver and glassware.

She also goes over growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs then using the extras to make jams, oils, chutney, and other delicious recipes. 

Make beauty preparations and bath oils, too, for soothing, effective treatments to enhance everyday health and wellbeing. Follow the advice in this invaluable guide and you will find yourself living a calmer, greener life