Green Crystals

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Ethically sourced. Small family businesses. One business was started by a 10-year-old after bringing pocket stones to help other 3rd graders who were feeling nervous and sad. The crystals and minerals helped them feel better. Create a calm, peaceful environment and maintain optimal wellness levels. Decorate while bringing wellness to yourself and others! Most stones around 1" x 1"

GREEN AVENTURINE: brave heart; be full of integrity and worthy of true respect; feed inner reserves of courage and strength; feel confident about yourself and your future; attract prosperity, good luck, and true friendship; let green aventurine teach you how to live boldly!

FLOURITE: "Bestowed with the nickname 'Genius Stone' by medieval alchemists, Flourite is a crystal of focus, clear thinking and inspiration. A 'cooling' crystal, Flourite helps decrease inflammation in both mind and body: soak in a bath with tumbled stones to reduce bodily pain, tensions and infections (great for getting over a cold!), and carry a piece with you to stay calm and cool-headed during daily life. If you struggle with concentration or hyperactivity, this stone helps clear mental fog and disorganization, making it a fantastic crystal ally for study, work and general productivity (Flourite is very happy living on a desk or in a workspace!)....unparalled gifts of inspiration and focus, bring some Flourite magic into your life and get ready to dazzle the world with your inner genius!" -CRYSTALS book