Frankincense Essential Oil & Hydrosol

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We are thrilled to bring you the most special and sacred frankincense organic essential oil and hydrosol. The use of Boswellia resin for spiritual and medicinal purposes dates back at least 6000 years! The resin from this remarkable tree is used to make the Frankincense oil that is still used in spiritual ceremonies by people all throughout the world today, as well as being used as a powerful aid in helping the body heal.

Benefits of frankincense include: boosts immunity, protects against oral infections, relieves stress, soothes inflammation, aids sleep, hormone balance, youthful skin, eases respiratory and digestive problems

-founded by Hussein Mohamed in 2019 🔆Upon returning to his homeland in Ethiopia as an adult, Hussein was reminded of the days when he collected Frankincense in the desert region with his uncle. 🌴 He began to contemplate how this natural resource could be used to further the health and welfare of his tribal people.🔆 

-his mission is to create economic opportunities for the Ethiopian cooperatives who collect the raw material, while creating a highly valuable essential oil

-he is providing extremely rare economic opportunities to a nomadic and tribal group of Africans

-sacred oil

-certified minority-owned company


-only comes from the Somali region of Ethiopia 

-supports cooperatives of Ethiopian nomadic and tribal peoples

-Fair Trade with 1% profit rebate directly to the farmers and their families

Your purchase of this rare oil directly benefits Ethiopian farmers by providing direct investment in their communities.