Eggs (Soy-Free, Corn-Free)

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From the bison farmer: 

Chicken: As Nature Intended

“Tastes like chicken” is a good thing! As long as it’s chicken raised right. Our Amish-raised soy-free & corn-free chickens are raised just as nature intended: under blue skies, and fresh air scratching up yummy, wholesome pasture stuff with an organic, soy-free, corn-free supplemental smorgasbord on the side. With daily moves onto fresh grass and grub, they see their share of exercise too! Paul and his family do an amazing job of raising our chickens well! 

Soy-Free & Corn-Free Supplemental Chicken Feed Ingredient List

**Every batch of our Chicken feed is:

- 100% Soy-Free

- 100% Corn-Free

- 100% Organic

- 100% Non-GMO

- Tested 100% Glyphosate Free

This ration comprises of approximately 50% of their diet. The remaining 50% is made up of whatever they find pecking and scratching around in the pastures.

Ingredients: Wheat middlings, peas, milo, fish meal, crab meal, sunflower oil, aragonite, Fertrell Nutrabalancer, grit.