Salmon (Regenerative)

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From the farmer: The salmon is one of the most incredible fish on the planet. Their lives are remarkable, their role in nature is vital, and they're regarded as one of the 3 "Nutrient Dense" proteins (bison, chicken, & salmon). Not only is salmon a special food source, this salmon is an extra special gem. Our salmon are harvested honorably & sustainably from very small fishing boats for maximum quality and respect. Most salmon are harvested commercially with massive nets for maximum effectiveness & efficiency with little regard for other species or really much care for quality. Boat loads of unwarranted death (that is just tossed back into the sea) and salmon meat bruising happens in this mega fishing system. We've always desired to offer high quality salmon but staying true to our values, we couldn't participate in this system. We have, however, been blessed to get connected with some amazing fisherman to bring you the finest salmon on the planet that is humanely & responsibly harvested which creates an inner warmth as we do good by salmon as well as  getting to enjoy a higher quality end product. Kwee-Jack (Kvee-Shock, named after the Alaskan river; Kvichak) is a highly respectable company made up of a few friends from Wisconsin, Montana, & Pennsylvania that go to Alaska to fish for a hobby 6 weeks out of the year. They're our kind of people and we're proud to support them. 

Regenerative salmon fishing actually creates a healthier, more sustainable population which improves habitat for future generations of fish. Today, Alaska's Department of Fish & Game has set a healthy spawning threshold and does not allow any fishing to begin until the spawning threshold has been met. Only after enough fish have run the river systems to spawn future generations of salmon, there is a short 6-week fishing season that opens to harvest fish. The Alaska Fishing regulations combined with Kwee-Jack's highly responsible & minimalistic fishing style equals a regenerative system that takes no more than what is healthy for the salmon population.

This fishery management system guards against over-fishing of current populations but does not solve our warming oceans issue. Rather than putting salmon in a glass case to "protect them", we must enjoy them responsibly while doing so much more; we must face the real problem that is risking the future of this incredible species:

Carbon is being pumped into our atmosphere faster than it is being "sunk" into the soil to feed plants and then animals. Increased carbon levels are believed to be a root cause of warming ocean temps which creates unfriendly environments for sea life such as salmon. Eating regeneratively-raised foods supports the systems that are the solution to reversing the carbon buildup in our atmosphere by creating massive, diverse "carbon sinks" such as native prairies and savannas (once two of the most prevalent habitat types but today are two of the most endangered ecosystems on earth).

Bison & Salmon may live thousands of miles apart but they rely on one another for survival. We can't afford to lose either one.

In addition to the significant ecological benefits, food raised as nature intended tastes better and is significantly more nutrient dense.