Pork Fat (NO SOY FEED) (Minnesota-Pastured) (Straight-from-the-Farm)

Pork Fat (NO SOY FEED) (Minnesota-Pastured) (Straight-from-the-Farm)

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Small, family farm. Healthy soil. Natural practices.

Take your cooking, eating, and nutrition to an all-new level! This is the real deal! Rendering your own pork fat will change your life forever! So easy and watch the possibilities and deliciousness open up in your world:)

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From the farm: We purchase our feeder pigs from another sustainable farmer who feeds similar no soy, transitional organic feed to their pigs. We buy the pigs in the spring and grow them out on pasture at our farm. The first couple weeks we are training them to electric fence within hog paneling. We slowly move them to two wire fencing, and then to one wire fencing when they are large enough (it is also less work to set up one wire!). We pasture our pig in our wooded, grassy, low land areas of the farm. Once they are in electric fence, we can make their pen as big as we need to to only move them once a week. 

Pigs are fed a transitional organic, corn and field pea grain ration, and NO SOY in addition to pasture. We use Fertrell's minerals to balance the ration.