Bison (Nutrient-Dense 100% GrassFed)

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Quite possibly the most healthy food on the planet! Pure soil tested to 20 feet deep; restorative native grasses; regenerative farming practices; small family farms. The real deal and you can taste and smell the difference. Cultivate your health! Invest now instead of paying later.

Did you know that farms can label their meat grass-fed if the animal has grazed grass even once in its lifetime?! The grass-fed label is not regulated. ONLY BUY FROM FARMERS YOU KNOW AND TRUST TO REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE EATING!!!

Did you know that meat from different geographical areas contain different selenium levels depending on the soil of the geographical area? ONLY BUY FROM FARMERS YOU KNOW AND TRUST AND WHO CAN TELL YOU ABOUT THE HEALTH OF THEIR SOIL!!!

Local delivery and curbside pickup only; we do not ship frozen meat at this time.

Bison Bratwurst: (from the farmer) 

100% bison. No pork or beef added to our bison brats. Prepare by grilling or pan frying first. Optionally you can simmer them in broth to keep them warm and juicy for hours. Or, drizzle olive oil and fresh rosemary on them and bake in the oven. 6 oz packages (4 @ 4 oz links per lb)

Ingredients:  100% Bison, Water, Sea salt, Black Pepper, Ground Sage, Mustard Seed, Onion Powder, Marjoram, Garlic Powder, Stuffed in Natural Beef Collagen.