Honey (Minnesota Single Source)

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Grade A 100% pure Minnesota honey. Great care taken in locating bee yards near good nectar sources and away from chemical spraying.

From the farm: Made from sunshine, flowers, & rain. Nationally recognized for producing single source honey. Each jar of our honey has the location, hive number, and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in Minnesota.

alfalfa:  A mid-summer honey with mild vanilla tones and light color. One of our sweetest honeys, it is ideal in strong tea or coffee and as a substitute for sugar in baked goods.

basswood: If there is a "signature" honey for us, this is it. Our Basswood honey has won the 1st place Blue Ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair three times! This floral scented honey has a delicate flavor with hints of lime and sometimes mint when recently harvested.  Basswood (or Linden) honey is considered one of the finest honeys in the world! With the abundance of old growth Basswood trees combined with our Single Source Honey process we are confident our Basswood honey is as good as any in the world! A favorite on warm toast or fresh bread; pairs well with light cheeses. You can also eat it right out of the jar and savor the delicate floral notes and clean finish.

buckwheat: Raw Buckwheat honey has deep tones of plum, tobacco and cherry. This single source honey has the most bold flavor of any of our floral sources. This strong flavor pairs nicely on a cheese plate of goat or blue cheese, or drizzled over a greek style yogurt. 

creamed: Get ready to fall in love! Like a Winnie the Pooh Honey, its sinfully creamy texture and light, floral flavor will have you unable to stop at just one bite. This raw creamed honey is made from multiple nectar sources, harvested at the peak of the short Minnesota summer. Spread it on toast, use it as a sweet layer in a nut butter sandwich, or enjoy a spoonful right from the jar as a source of convenient energy. Blooming Prairie honey is outright irresistible!

honeycomb: we make up to 8,000 pieces of comb honey each year. Each season, 2300 wooden frames are steam cleaned and assembled with a thin, fragile beeswax sheet of foundation. The bees construct hexagonal-shaped cells of beeswax on that foundation and fill each cell with honey. Honey comb is cut directly from the beehive frame for sale.

This gift from nature is entirely edible and can be eaten straight out of the container, sliced thin for toast, paired with cheese or fruit, or melted into hot cereal. Enjoy an experience like nothing else, as complex flavors burst over your taste buds! Store at room temperature.