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Organic Finishing Salt from Guérande, France


Discover the exceptional taste and quality of our organic finishing salt from Guérande, France, a culinary treasure that will elevate your meals and create the most exquisite, unforgettable dining experiences.

Our organic finishing salt is harvested using traditional crafting methods in salt ponds with clay floors, situated in nature reserves or nature parks. These salt ponds are located a minimum of 500 meters away from main roads, ensuring that they are free from pesticides, chemical residue, industrial fumes, and air pollution. The salt is manually harvested with untreated wooden tools, preventing any chemical contamination. Additionally, the drying process is carried out naturally through sun and wind, preserving the salt's purity and quality.

While there isn't an organic certification for salt in the United States, many other countries have certifications for organic sea salts, such as Nature et Progrès in France. These international certifications are stringent and guarantee the highest quality salts. Our organic finishing salt from Guérande, France, is made exclusively with Nature et Progrès inspected and approved sea salts, ensuring that it is unrefined, all-natural, and harvested in a protected, non-polluted environment.

To use our organic finishing salt, simply sprinkle it over your food just before serving, reserving it for the final flourish. David Lebovitz recommends using it on leafy green salads, meats and fish, or sprinkled over slices of cool melon or pineapple. He also suggests trying it on dark and milk chocolate. For those concerned about salt intake, a week's worth of using finishing salts for two people is only about 1 teaspoon. Avoiding junk food and pre-packaged foods, which are loaded with salt, is a better way to control salt intake. Fleur de sel is also reportedly lower in sodium than ordinary table salt.