Finding Our Way Tiny Steps Towards Love (ebook)

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eBook | 96 pages | 47 color photos | 2017 | ISBN 978-0-9981899-6-3 | ALL PROCEEDS DONATED TO BETTY FORD HAZELDEN FOUNDATION

Chemical dependency is a devastating and debilitating disease that affects not only the ill person but permeates destruction to anyone coming into contact or to anyone having a relationship with a victim of alcohol or drug abuse. This book tells the story poignantly and succinctly the suffering of a young family caught in the throes of alcoholism. This book evolved from a unique open meeting in an Alano club when a mother and her daughter each told her own story of the dark place alcoholism was taking the parents and children. The journey that leads to recovery is told in three parts by both mother and oldest daughter. The mother tells real incidents in her life of abusing alcohol and subsequent recovery. The daughter shares both her reflections upon the same family happenings and their subsequent effects on her own adult behavior.