Easy-To-Be ToxyFree Kit (January 2020)

Easy-To-Be ToxyFree Kit (January 2020)

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This month we have created a kit to help you invite more natural solutions into your life. Smudge sticks are a toxin-free way to improve home air quality (sage naturally repels insects and is antimicrobial!). Did you know that indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air? 

“Indoor air pollution is one of the top health risks today. It’s due to the fact that so many synthetic substances are now used in the construction of our homes, and there are so many toxins in the products we employ. Combined with the lack of air circulation in many homes, indoor air, is usually much more polluted than outdoor air.” -Dr Myron Wentz & Dave Wentz

Kit includes: 1 smudge stick + 1 marble bowl + 1 FREE CRYSTAL = hurray!

and hurry while supplies last:)