Colorgrown Organic Cotton Pullover

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Behzad and I are loving this colorgrown organic cotton French terry pullover! We both wear it and enjoy it equally. I've been layering it with everything: over dresses; over an indigo-dyed denim shirt; wrapped around my shoulders during warm summer weather and layered under vests when the temperature is colder.

You too can experience the joy, beauty, and comfort of pure organic cotton french terry celebrating the unique color in which it naturally grows!

-organically grown in New Mexico

-consciously spun and knit in North Carolina

-fairly sewn at a woman-owned factory in San Francisco, California

-undyed; the color is the natural color of the organic cotton

-GOTS-certified organic thread

After several years of wearing this you can compost it in the backyard to decompose into components that nourish the soil or we will help you return it to the company where they give you $5-$20 credit for a new piece (depending on its condition) and they will use pieces of the return to make something new!