Organic Colorgrown Cotton Face Mask

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I've learned that finding nutritious clothing is similar to finding nutritious food: the proof is in the process. If a farmer or producer is creating an impeccable product, then the process will be described in every meticulous detail.

These masks are impeccable in every meticulous detail! Organic cotton thread, natural rubber elastic, colorgrown or plant-dyed organic cotton. I believe they are the most toxin-free masks available, and they are what we wear in our family. Hello! Health & Happiness

-100% organic cotton

-undyed, colorgown or plant-dyed

-made without softeners commonly used by both conventional and other organic apparel


Directions for Use: Because the face masks are a little longer than standard masks, here is the best way to put them on:

1. Pull the bottom elastic over your head until the mask rests at your neck. The bottom elastic is a little tight (that's intentional so it stays in place while wearing), so you may have to really stretch it.

2. Position the top elastic around the back of your head and arrange the face mask until comfortable.

The face mask is machine washable. Recommended washing is on delicate and using low heat to dry to reduce any potential shrinkage.