Dried Eucalyptus

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As I slowly replaced each item in my home with natural materials, I wondered how the fresh flowers I regularly purchased from the store were being grown. As usual, something so natural was in fact filled with harmful toxins! I thought the farmer's market would be better, but I could only find one small stand selling a few tiny bouquets. I bought them all and thought I would have to start growing flowers myself! I kept searching and in 2019 I stumbled upon a slow flower movement that is located right here in Minnesota! Hurray!!! Life now feels complete:)

-100% local, seasonal, & chemical-free

-grown on small Minnesota & Wisconsin flower farms

-farms committed to sustainable practices, land stewardship, and community

-your purchase helps support their small, hard-working farms

-almost always 10 stems in a bouquet

Recommended research: over 80% of the flowers sold in the United States are imported from countries where the majority of growers use harmful chemicals to grow the flowers. The flowers also have to be sprayed with more chemicals before entering the US. After reading training manuals for pesticide and insecticide application procedures, I know I do not want to be anywhere near these toxic chemicals! Especially not touching them, smelling them or having them near my food!