Brown Crystals

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When I first started changing to toxin-free and natural belongings, I still wanted to decorate my space. I started to bring rocks, bark, and branches inside to create decor. One day while searching online for natural belongings, I stumbled upon the world of crystals! Who knew?! My life changed forever:)

I would first choose based on beauty. Then after reading descriptions of all of the crystal powers I would make my decision. Soon my apartment was brimming with magical beauty!

For brown crystals, I was drawn to the textures, the earthy tones and the properties of protection talisman and prosperity.  

TIGER'S EYE: a variety of quartz filled with inclusions creating its golden-brown shimmer. A long history of being used as a protection talisman. Social change + activating + courage + protection.

DESERT ROSE: also referred to as the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose. Found in dry, desert regions, each one is said to contain a unique spirit guardian. They have traditionally been used as talismans for protection, overcoming phobias and to help boost self confidence.

All crystals are ethically sourced from small family businesses. One business was started by a 10-year-old after bringing pocket stones to help other 3rd graders who were feeling nervous and sad. The crystals and minerals helped them feel better. Create a calm, peaceful environment and maintain optimal wellness levels. Decorate while bringing wellness to yourself and others! Most stones around 1" x 1"