Cook Up A Dance Art, Music, and Dance Improvisation

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Kathie Goodale and Karl Jones share their method for using the history of music and visual arts to provide a wider context for the art of dance, and to explore themes that may be incorporated into dance improvisation. The book is organized as a cookbook. After an introduction explaining the premise, seven ‘recipes’ are included, linking compatible musical and visual artists to introduce themes that will inspire ideas about movement. Students will learn about artists as varied as Debussy, Duke Ellington, Monet and Georgia O’Keeffe, and will use what they learn to create movement together.

"This delightful book affirms the notion that dance is not only about physical prowess but about the power of imagination, emotional intelligence and the richness of our perceptual world. So needed in our society of fragmentation and categorization, Cook up a Dance! encourages children and teachers alike to joyously explore their creativity, curiosity, spirit of adventure and our commonalities as human beings."
Meredith Monk

"With simplicity and sincerity, Cook Up A Dance! offers dance teachers some wonderful recipes to teach young dancers how to begin improvising, using iconic visual art and music compositions as prime ingredients. A delightful guidebook."
Philip Bither
McGuire Director and Senior Curator, Performing Arts
Walker Art Center

"This delightful book provides the perfect jumping off point to create your own movement adventure. Combining different art forms, these unique ideas will open up opportunities to explore both improvisation and choreography in your classroom."           Julia Sutter, Minnesota Dance Theatre