Ethical and Natural Blue Crystals

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ToxyFree pledges to only supply crystals that are proven to put the people and the environment first before profits. We strive for the deepest commitment to ecological preservation and fair trade. ToxyFree will not carry anything that has documented environmental and social harms. While some crystals are in demand, carrying them would go against this mission. We will not carry endangered minerals and encourage others to not create demand by keeping them in the Earth. Our supplier specializes in ethical sourcing and being an educational resource and guide for consumers. Consumers have the purchasing power to demand change in the crystal extraction industry to ensure fair wages, the highest level of safety, and responsible mining.

ALL CRYSTALS SOLD AT TOXYFREE COME FROM SMALL FAMILY-OWNED MINES WHO USE THEIR BUSINESSES IN ETHICAL WAYS TO HELP AND SUPPORT OTHERS IN THEIR COMMUNITIES (JOB CREATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION). (By supporting small, family-owned mines, local economies are stimulated which divests resources away from deforestation and other industries base on exploitation). Each crystal is traditionally-harvested using primarily surface mining methods like pick and axe leaving a minimal footprint while not contributing to environmental destruction by releasing chemicals or toxins that can harm the ecosystem.

CELESTITE: believed to help you attract angels into your life; gently uplifts and relieves heavy moods, sadness, & anxiety.Angelite: connects you with your angels to protect your entire body; helps with tension, stress, anger, forgiveness, & healing.

BLUE APATITE: motivates, inspires, clears the mind, strengthens personal power, stimulates creativity. Many use this to assist with weight-loss goals. Certain stones like Apatite slowly leech their mineral content over time. Instead of giving trees an iron supplement, water from hematite or carnelian or apatite work just as well! Apatite is a good source of phosphorous which is a major plant nutrient required for promoting photosynthesis and growth. You can either put the stones next to the plants or tree, or soak the stones in water for a while and use that water on plants!

BLUE CALCITE: lessens anxiety; encourages rest, relaxation & recuperation; can work as a natural sedative after emotional trauma like the death of a loved one; aids memory & learning; known as the "stone of the mind" helping mental discernment and analysis; physically associated with the bones and joints of the body and balances the amount of calcium; can improve the absorption of vitamins & minerals.  

SPECTROLITE/LABRADORITE: magic, curiosity, destiny. Legend says that some of the northern lights are held within. Tantalizes & brings light to the unknown of any situation. It’s a symbolic reminder to look deeper and from many angles, instead of taking at face value.

LAPIS LAZULI: awareness, insight, and truth. One of the oldest gemstones and has existed in ancient tales since the beginning of time. The famous golden sarcophagus of King Tut was heavily decorated with Lapis Lazuli stones. 

CELESTITE:  hand polished AA grade from Madagascar. Because it is so soft, it is extremely difficult to tumble this stone without a stone sealer. These are hand polished, completely natural and have not ever been color enhanced or coated with artificial sealers. Celestite is believed to help attract angels into your life.  

BLUE LACE AGATE: According to Robert Simmons, author of “Book of Stones”, Blue Lace Agate is beneficial for those who have difficulty making themselves heard by others, or who wish to become more articulate in their speech. It helps one “find the words” and assists one in building confidence to stand up and speak it in all situations.

Key Properties: Communication, clarity of thought, confidence

Blue lace agate is an excellent stone for starting over, the gentle energy of Blue Lace Agate instills peace of mind. The peaceful energies exuded from this stone neutralizes feelings of anger.

From our understanding true blue lace agate is only found in one place, and it is becoming exceptionally rare. A lot of the blue lace out there is just dyed banded agate.