Black Crystals

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Ethically sourced. Small family businesses. One business was started by a 10-year-old after bringing pocket stones to help other 3rd graders who were feeling nervous and sad. The crystals and minerals helped them feel better. Create a calm, peaceful environment and maintain optimal wellness levels. Decorate while bringing wellness to yourself and others! Most stones around 1" x 1"

SMOKY QUARTZ: 100% natural, non-irradiated, ethically sourced from Madagascar and triple-cleaned (soaked in a natural acidic solution with vinegar to remove excess mineral deposits, washed with a plant-based soap and rinsed with collected rainwater). Hand polished with an organic plant-based oil to enhance the shine and color of each stone. Fades in direct sunlight. The dark crystal swiftly moves negative energies out of your aura. Rejuvenating and stress-relieving. Perfect for creatives, home decoration, crystal grids, terrariums, or to use in arts & crafts projects. 

BLACK OBSIDIAN: will help to clean and remove negative energies in a sacred space or environment and helps to release those emotions and reactions that cause negative energy such as anger, jealousy, greed, and resentment. Apache tears are black obsidian. The untumbled “tears” are known to hold extra energies.

HEMATITE: linked to preserving strength and building self-confidence, opening the mind to a more sensitive perception. Carry this silvery stone to shield yourself from negativity and center yourself in the present moment