Back-To-School Kit

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Start the school year sustainably with a small shift which has tremendous results. As a teacher, I found myself asking many questions about toxins in the classroom. For example, what's that glossy shine on the pencil? Do pencil sharpeners have to be made of plastic? How do they make erasers have all those colors? Finally, what happens to all the plastic pens in the garbage?

After years of research I was able to find solutions for my life that eliminate all those toxins and now I am sharing them here with you: 

  • unlacquered pencil
  • natural rubber eraser
  • all-metal pencil sharpener
  • all-metal pen with all-metal refills (the only pen you'll ever need!)

Did you know that 1.6 billion disposable pens are thrown away each year in the United States? Not only are disposable plastics the main source of plastic pollution, but they also leach harmful chemicals that are present in the blood stream and tissue of every person, including newborns!

Make this the year for your toxin-free & plastic-free school and office. We make it easy for you with all the essentials in one kit!

-3 lacquer-free, biodegradable pencils $1.50/each

-1 natural rubber eraser $.50

-1 metal sharpener $4 

-1 metal, 100% plastic-free pen (not easy to find!) $9

-2 metal, 100% plastic-free pen refill (also not easy to find!) $3.30

-1 giant, lacquer-free, biodegradable wood pencil highlighter (no more toxins! no more plastic waste!) $3.00

FREE: 1 sustainable wood bookmark $5.00