A Guide To Living Your Best Astrological Life

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Inscribed on the forecourt of the ancient Greek temple of Apollo at Delphi are the words 'know thyself". This is one of the 147 Delphic maxims, or rules to live by, attributed to Apollo himself, and was later extended by the philosopher Socrates to
the sentence, The unexamined life is not worth living.
People seek a variety of ways of knowing themselves, of coming to terms with life and trying to find ways to understand the challenges of human existence, often through therapy or belief systems like organised religion. These are ways in which we strive to understand the relationships we have with
ourselves and others better, seeking out particular tools that enable us to do so.
As far as systems of understanding human nature and experience go, astrology has much to offer through its symbolic use of the constellations of the heavens, the depictions of the zodiac signs, the planets and their energetic effects. Many people find accessing this information and harnessing its
potential a useful way of thinking about how to manage their lives more effectively.