100% Biodegradable Toothbrush

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Once I started learning about the harmful effects of toxins in so many of our daily products, pretty early on I realized I did not want nylon bristles in my mouth. Especially after all the efforts to find & make the most nutrient-dense food possible! This was not an easy journey! The only natural toothbrushes I could find were made in Europe and not always available. After a few years of buying 10-20 toothbrushes at a time when I could find them, I finally discovered this brush made in the United States! Hello! Health & Happiness

So many brushes with biodegradable handles still have nylon bristles. Most people only think about what plastic does to the environment, but what do those microplastics do when digging into our gums?

Thankfully, we found a toothbrush that uses castor oil to make their bristles thus making it fully biodegradable! We've used these toothbrushes in our life for the last two years and our teeth and gums are healthy, happy, toxin-free, and plastic-free!

-castor oil bristles

-bamboo handle

-100% biodegradable